Preventing Accidents: Using the Left Lane Only When Needed

Jay Stillman

2 min read

As lawyers with years of expertise with car and truck accidents, Stillman and Friedland attorneys know that there are preventable and avoidable accidents. Knowing and recognizing how to avoid accidents save lives. In today’s post, we are highlighting something very simple that you can do to improve road safety for you and your family.

Many states, including Tennessee, are now looking at the danger posed by passing on the right to overtake slow movers in the left lane. State troopers nationwide are starting to ticket those slow movers because they cause other, faster moving cars to attempt to pass them on the right.

Passing on the right and weaving in and out of traffic to overtake slow movers are more dangerous than just speeding down the highway.

Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane

We hope that you, too, will reconsider your use of the left lane to stay safe!

We suggest you review these key points:

  • At the very first highway sign advising of an upcoming work zone, begin merging to the left lane as quickly as possible. Do not try to gain position by speeding ahead in the right lane.
  • You must have completed your merge when you reach the sign that reads “Do Not Pass In Right Lane,” 1500 feet before the lane closure, or you can be ticketed.
  • Collisions can result for a last-chance maneuver, which also increases delays and could result in injury or death.
  • A late merger can be ticketed by a Tennessee State Trooper or other law enforcement officer for violation of the No Passing Zone.

We hope this information will help you drive safely, because we care…