A Host of New Tennessee Laws Will Go Into Effect July 1st

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A Host of New Tennessee Laws Will Go Into Effect July 1st

Beginning July 1, 2022, a slew of new Tennessee laws will go into effect. Many of these laws affect residents across the state in various ways. From workplace discrimination to rules cracking down on DUI to the creation of new Tennessee license plates, here are some of the more notable laws that will take effect next month:

New Tennessee Laws

  • HB 2228: To help curb the opioid addiction epidemic, healthcare officials that offer prescriptions for opioids must also provide prescriptions for an opioid antagonist or reversal drug such as naloxone.
  • HB 2270: This legislation will put Nicholas Law in effect. For boaters across Tennessee, this means that the second offense of boating under the influence (BUI) will be the same as if you have gotten a second DUI offense while driving a regular vehicle. This law prohibits the offender from operating a boat until they can seek reinstatement of driving privileges.
  • SB 2592: If convicted of human trafficking, any driver’s license issued will now have a special designation that will allow law enforcement to identify them quickly.
  • HB 0978: To crack down on loitering by the homeless, this expands existing laws to make it a felony to camp on any public property and make it a misdemeanor to camp along a controlled-access highway.
  • SB 0882: If you have previous DUI offenses, you must install ignition interlock devices in your vehicle if the court determines this is the best option if released on bail. These devices require clean breath samples to start your car when installed to ensure sobriety on the road.
  • SB 1667: Authorizes the creation of 23 new Tennessee license plate designs.
  • SB 0136: Establishes the CROWN Act, which prevents employers from discriminating against people with certain hairstyles.

Click here to view a video overview and a list of the new laws being implemented next month.

Once they go into effect, these various laws will impact every Tennessean, indirectly or directly. Hence, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these changes, particularly concerning the new driving-related regulations.


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