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February 9, 2017
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Record Stops as TDOT Enforces “Move Over” Law

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Move Over Law Tennessee

Look Out for TDOT Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Stillman and Friedland know that most of our clients are well aware of the requirement to pull over for speeding emergency vehicles. But did you know that the Move Over Law also requires that you pull over to the side of the road for TDOT HELP trucks and highway maintenance trucks?

Keeping an eye out for trucks is always a good idea, and now it can help you avoid getting a traffic citation. As you can see in TDOT’s latest update, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) has been stopping drivers who fail to act according to the law:

The Move Over law, which was passed in 2006, was expanded in 2011 to include “utility service equipment to the list of vehicles for which motorists are required to either slow down or move over”. As the video notes, in a single traffic “sting operation” more than 40 Middle Tennessee drivers were handed citations in less than half day. This is more than half the number of citations that were handed out in Davidson county in all of 2014, the last year of available THP per-county violation statistics.

With a lot of new projects in the works to pay for and a hefty fine of up to $500 per citation, this could just be a handy revenue stream for the state. For drivers, it is a sure bet that it pays to keep an eye out for all trucks, and especially for ER and TDOT vehicles, whenever you are on the road!

Stillman and Friedland remind you to comply with all state laws. If everyone does their part, we all stay safer.

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