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November 14, 2014
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November 19, 2014
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TDOT: Supporting Tennessee’s First Responders

As we at Stillman & Friedland blogged earlier, if you’ve had an accident or car trouble, it’s important to try to prevent secondary crashes.  If you can get your car safely out of traffic, do so.  If not, safely exit your vehicle and move away from it to the closest safe place where you can wait for help.  But what happens in more complex situations?

Now TDOT, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, has opened its new Incident Management Training Facility to train emergency responders; it’s the first of its kind in the nation.  The center has simulation facilities for training personnel for many eventualities.  Drills for varied situations will help save lives, including those of first responders.  Sadly, there have been cases where first responders were killed while working in traffic to save lives.

Please help our emergency responders do their jobs! 

  • Pull over if you hear an ambulance—minutes can save lives!
  • Stay alert in case conditions change and you need to slow down suddenly
  • If you have a navigation aid, use it to avoid accident sites.  You will get to your destination in less time and relieve the road congestion that makes rescue operations more difficult.

Stillman & Friedland salute TDOT on the opening of the new safety training facility, and we whole-heartedly support all our first responders.  They put themselves on the line for us every day—so let’s do our part to help them!

Because we care…

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